Be a Part of Making History

Together we'll build the momentum to elect candidates that put Floridians first

There's a Way for Everyone to Get Involved

Sign up to Call Voters

Reach out to other voters to help them get to the polls (on your own time and from your home or at a local phone bank.)

2. Donate

Thousands of small donations mean more than the money of self-funded millions. Every dollar will go to get the word out and build our communities' power.

3. Talk to Neighbors in Person

Come out and knock doors, table at events, and have the front porch conversations that make the difference.

New Florida Vision PAC is Building the Power of Florida's New Majority

Black, brown, and progressive voters are a majority in the state. We deserve a seat at the table and candidates who put our communities first. Together with our allies, we’re raising funds, mobilizing voters, and putting Floridians in office who give us something to vote for.

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