New Florida Vision PAC proudly endorses Nancy Metayer for Mayor of Coral Springs!

On March 12th, We'll Elect Nancy Metayer Mayor of Coral Springs

"Nancy Metayer embodies a progressive future for the City of Coral Springs with inclusive economic growth, public safety, and environmental sustainability."

- New Florida Vision PAC

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Municipal leaders have the greatest influence on our day to day lives. They oversee everything from parks to affordable housing and everything in between:

In the City of Jacksonville, the offices up for election in 2019 are Mayor, Sheriff, Property Appraiser, Supervisor of Elections, Tax Collector, City Council Districts 1 - 14, and City Council At Large Groups 1-5

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Black, brown, and progressive voters are a majority in the state. We deserve a seat at the table and candidates who put our communities first.

Together with our allies, we’re raising funds, mobilizing voters, and putting Floridians in office who give us something to vote for.

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