Candidates Endorsed by Florida Rising
and Supported by New Florida Vision PAC

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Rep. Michele Rayner

FL House District 62

Rep. Marie Woodson

FL House District 105

Marleine Bastien

Miami-Dade County Commission District 2

Mariella Smith

Hillsborough County Commission District 5

Senator Darryl Rouson

FL Senate District 16

Commissioner Pat Gerard

Pinellas County Commission District 2- At Large

Angela Birdsong

Hillsborough County Commission District 2

Rep. Susan Valdes

FL House District 64

Maria Salamanca

Orange County School Board District 2

Dr. Keesha Benson

Pinellas County School Board District 3

Guerdy Remey

Altamonte Springs City Commission District 2

Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith

FL House District 37

Mike Scott

Orange County Commission District 6

Dr. Michael Daniels

Orange County School Board District 3

Rodney Velez

Broward County School Board District 1

Rep. Anna V Eskamani

FL House District 42

Governor Charlie Crist

Florida Governor

Lindsay Cross

FL House District 60

Robin Harris (Green Party)

FL House District 41

Maribel Gomez Cordero (Incumbent)

Orange County Commission District 4

Lavon Bracy Davis

FL House District 40

Rep. Fentrice Driskell

FL House District 67

Vice Mayor Mike Gelin

Mayor of Tamarac

Rep. Kristen Arrington (Incumbent)

FL House District 46

Tiffany Hughes

FL House District 39

Autumn Garick

Seminole County School Board District 5

Rep. Angie Nixon

FL House District 13

Aramis Ayala

Florida Attorney General

Rep. Val Demings

US Senate

Senator Bobby Powell Jr.

FL Senate District 24

Senator Tina Polsky

FL Senate District 30

Marcia Andrews

Palm Beach County School Board District 6

Janelle Perez

FL Senate District 38

Rep. Chris Benjamin

FL House District 107

Rep. Dan Daley

FL House District 96

Eunic Ortiz

FL Senate District 18

Allison Miller

State Attorney 6th Judicial Circuit

Brian Martin

Pinellas County School Board District 6

Commissioner Kimberly Overman (Incumbent)

Hillsborough County Commission District 7 - At Large

Sen. Janet Cruz

FL Senate District 14

Rep. Joy Goff-Marcil

FL Senate District 10

Anthony Nieves

FL House District 47

Johanna Lopez

FL House District 43

Comm. Viviana Janer

Osceola County Commission District 2

Sen. Victor Torres Jr

FL Senate District 25

Sen. Linda Stewart

FL Senate District 17

Sen. Lorrane Ausley

FL Senate District 03

Rep. Tracie Davis

FL Senate District 05

Rep. Yvonne Hayes Hinson

FL House District 21

Kristin Elizabeth Dozier

Mayor of Tallahassee

Senator Annette Taddeo

Congressional District 27

Christine Alexandria Olivo

Congressional District 26

Rep. Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick

Congressional District 20

Rep. Kathy Castor

Congressional District 14

Maxwell Frost

Congressional District 10

Rep. Darren Soto

Congressional District 09

Rep. Adam Hattersley

Chief Financial Officer

Corey Smith

Palm Beach County School Board District 7