Tom Keen

Tom Keen is a military veteran and a strong community presence. His commitment to service continued as he became part of the City of Orlando Citizens’ Police Review Board and the Mayor’s Veteran Advisory Council. He has also been part of Leadership Orlando and the Mayor’s City Academy. He was supportive of the Fight for 15 in Florida. Keen engages our communities and will be a progressive advocate in Tallahassee. As a representative, he would amplify the voice of the people and support our members as we fight for justice on every block.

Patty Sheehan - Winner

Commissioner Patty Sheehan

Commissioner Patty Sheehan was first elected to the Orlando City Council in 2000, making her one of the most experienced members of the Council. She was the first openly gay person elected to office in Central Florida and has fought for the LGBTQIA+ community ever since, helping to ensure protections against discrimination. One of her current priorities is to combat gentrification by building a new development in Creative Village. Commissioner Sheehan will continue to serve as a fierce advocate for her District 4 constituents.

Bakari Burns - Winner

Commissioner Bakari Burns

Commissioner Bakari F. Burns was first elected to Orlando City Council in 2019. Prior to his election to the Council, Commissioner Burns served on the Orlando municipal planning board, where he co-wrote Orlando’s Housing First Plan. Commissioner Burns has a plan to build affordable homes on empty, bank-owned lots in the district, building partnerships with the tourism industry in Orlando. He’s against gentrification and in favor of low-income families not being priced out of the home buying market. Commissioner Burns will continue to be champion for his constituents when re-elected to the Orlando City Council.


Joyce Morgan

Joyce Morgan for Jacksonville Property Appraiser

Jimmy Peluso

Jimmy Peluso for Jacksonville City Council District 7

Lynn Hurtak

Tampa City Council, District 3

Robin Lockett

Tampa City Council, District 2

Dr. Sonja Brookins

Tampa City Council, District 1

Rahman Johnson

Jacksonville City Council District 14

Tyrona Clark-Murray

Jacksonville City Council District 9