Volunteer to Help Make History in Florida - No Matter Where You Live.

The swing state is ready. Together we can win in 2018 and lay the groundwork for 2020.

2. Call Florida

Have the conversations that matter to convince people the importance and possibility of making history in Florida this year.

1. Sign Up to Text Voters

Reach out to Florida voters by text to get them to the polls (on your time and at your own home.)

3. Knock Doors in Florida

The best conversation happens on the doors. Get on the doors and meet voters face-to-face to build the new majority and win.

Florida's Grassroots Are Organizing to #BringItHome

Organize Florida, New Florida Majority, and FLIC Votes invite you to come make history in Florida. Be part of electing our first Black governor and an unapologetic progressive.

We have the numbers and the power to end 20 years of GOP rule. Your help can take us across the finish line.

New Florida Vision PAC

Paid political advertisement paid for by Florida Freedom PAC and New Florida Vision PAC, 10800 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 1050, Miami, FL 33161 independently of any candidate.  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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In Florida, we're on the brink of making history.

Can you chip in to the people powered campaign to change the future of Florida and the country for the better? 


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