who we are

New Florida Vision

A Better Florida

We created New Florida Vision PAC because we believe in the possibility of an equitable and just Florida. A Florida that recognizes people from all walks of life. A Florida that values the voice of those people and their role in making our state great.

A New Way of Thinking

New Florida Vision recognizes the corruptive influence of corporations and dark money on our political system. NFV offers the everyday person the opportunity to pool their resources in support of visionary candidates and elected officials, whose policies and ideology reflect a people centered politics.

Justice and Prosperity

New Florida Vision PAC supports the work of New Florida Majority to support and uplift the voices of historically marginalized constituencies. NFM works to help these communities thrive by working on issues ranging from Climate Justice and Criminal Justice to Voting Rights and Civic Engagement. Together NFM and NFV work to make Florida better for all people.

“If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.”

Andrew Gillum


New Florida Vision PAC

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